Propane Gas

Propane in bulk is mainly used for heating purposes. OK Gas is one of the market leaders in the field of propane in bulk. What makes it standout is its expertise, its in-house technical department and a fleet of company-owned trucks with experienced drivers. OK Gas is an initiator in the field of technical development and new applications. OK Gas guarantees professional services, ensuring her customers the comfort of a reliable propane installation.

OK Gas serves all market segments, including private consumers, the leisure sector, the agricultural sector, industry and construction. In the Netherlands OK Gas is market leader in the leisure sector; heating holiday homes using an underground network connected to a bulk storage tank. In the agricultural sector we have a dominant footprint as OK Gas has been selected exclusive partner by LTO (the Organisation for Agriculture). OK Gas operates in the Netherlands and Belgium.

About 4,000 customers rely on the timely supply of propane and a safe and properly maintained propane gas installation from OK Gas. Our expedition maintains daily contact with the network of clients. We use dedicated supply-chain optimization software in combination with GSM systems.