LPG is a cheap fuel that is friendly to the environment. Due to its positive effect on the environment, governments are encouraging the use of LPG with low excise duties. Cars using autogas generate significant lower CO2 emissions than cars using petrol and emit fewer NOx and soot particles than cars using diesel.

BK Gas is market leader in both the Netherlands and Belgium. It supplies over 1,000 petrol stations, including the networks of a number of major oil companies, such as Shell, Texaco, Q8, AVIA, Lukoil, OCTA+ and Tamoil. Since 2008 BK Gas operates a network of own LPG petrol stations in Germany.

In general, our customers leave the supply planning case completely in our hands, which guarantees that their local autogas stocks will be replenished comfortable and in time. Our expedition department maintains daily contact with the network of petrol stations in several countries. We use dedicated supply-chain optimization software in combination with GSM systems.
In many cases we offer a full service concept, in which we also handle the maintenance and troubleshooting of the LPG installation.

Autogas is a mixture of butane and propane. The LPG is supplied under pressure in liquid form.