Nefco has obtained the ISCC certification. ISCC is the first international certification system that is used to demonstrate sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction for all kinds of bio-raw materials and bio-energy. ISCC assesses on sustainable production, management, traceability (documentation) and greenhouse gas reduction. According to the European Directive on Renewable Energy (2009/28 / EC), bio-based raw materials, which are used as bio-fuel or bio-energy, must be produced sustainably.

With this ISCC EU certificate (Trader / Warehouse) Nefco can participate as an integral member of the certified chain in the international market for sustainable biofuels. Our ISCC EU certificate, issued by DEKRA, proofs that we comply with the ISCC EU conditions for the traceability and origin of sustainable biomass production and documentation regarding possible greenhouse gas reduction compared to fossil fuels.

With this, Nefco is taking an important step towards sustainable energy.

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